Verifying the installed software
You can determine what software is installed on your system by using iSeries Navigator or by entering CL commands.

Checking for installed software using iSeries Navigator

To verify your software using iSeries Navigator, follow these steps:

Verify the release of the installed software.

On the right, you will see a list of the products installed on your system.

To find the release of Domino you are running, look for 5733L65 (Domino 6.5), 5733LD7 (Domino 7), or 5733LD8 (Domino 8) in the Product column. Look under the Release column to see which release(s) of Domino you are running.

Checking for installed software using commands

To determine what software is currently installed on your system, type the following command and press Enter:

The Resource ID column shows the program number, such as 5733LD6, 5733L65, 5733LD7, or 5733LD8 for Domino. Press F11 to see the version and release of the software.