How do I administer Domino on i5/OS?
Domino 8 includes several options for administering your Domino server.

Domino Administrator client

The Domino Administrator client can be installed on a remote workstation, allowing the administrator access to functions through a Notes interface. The Domino Administrator client allows an administrator to change server settings, set user settings, set policies, register users, and control client upgrades.

Web Administrator client

The Web Administrator client can be accessed from any workstation through a Web browser. The administrator is authenticated by the user ID and password used to log onto the server. The interface changes depending on the roles assigned to the user ID. Using the Web Administrator client, administrators can perform most of the same tasks as the Domino Administrator client, such as repairing Access Control Lists, registering users, and changing server properties.

iSeries Navigator and iSeries Navigator Tasks on the Web

iSeries Navigator is part of the IBM iSeries Access family of products, and runs on a workstation that is communicating with System i using TCP/IP. It allows you to perform administrative functions for both Domino and System i using one graphical user interface. These functions can also be performed on the Web using iSeries Navigator Tasks on the Web.

CL commands

Control language (CL) commands allow you to initiate system functions using a locally attached workstation or a remotely attached workstation using a 5250 emulator window.

For more information on administering Domino on System i, including client setup, starting, using, and troubleshooting, see the Lotus Domino Administrator 8 Help online or the Domino Administrator Help database (HELP8_ADMIN.NSF).