Domino for System i requirements
Domino for System i requires the following hardware and software.


Memory requirements
Disk requirements
Use these values as general guidelines for minimum memory and disk space. The requirements for your environment may be different. For more information about sizing for Domino on System i, use the IBM eServer Workload Estimator. The Estimator is available at the following Web site:
See the System i Performance Capabilities Reference for more details on specific models.
i5/OS software Domino software

Lotus Domino 8 for System i (5733LD8)

There are three options that can be installed.

After installing all three options of Domino 8.0 for System i, the DSPSFWRSC command will display the following output:

5733LD8   *BASE    5050    Lotus Domino 8 (5724E62)    

5733LD8   *BASE    2924    Lotus Domino 8 (5724E62)    

5733LD8   1        5050    Lotus Domino 8: C API              

5733LD8   10       5050    Lotus Domino 8: Release 8.0.0      

5733LD8   10       2924    Lotus Domino 8: Release 8.0.0

The Resource ID "5733LD8" is the system's installed licensed program (LICPGM) value and the text "(5724E62)" that follows the Description is the IBM Lotus Passport Advantage product ID. While both values may be used to refer to the Lotus Domino 8 product, the 5733LD8 LICPGM value is specific to System i.

For more information on installing the Domino software, see Chapter 3 "Installing Domino on your system."

Additional software

As your environment grows more complex, you may want to add software that is not necessarily required in order to run Domino for System i. You have many options for complementing the Domino software to create a productive environment.

If you plan to use the HTTP server (for example, for Domino Web Administration of iSeries Navigator Tasks on the Web) or integrate Domino with System i Web services, you may want to install the following software:

If you will be doing any application development with Domino 8, you may want to install the following software:
If you plan to manage your Domino environment using iSeries Navigator, the graphical user interface for managing an eServer i5 server, you must install the following additional software:
Install the following option if you use iSeries Navigator Tasks on the Web:
Required V5R4 PTFs

The following V5R4 individual PTF is required:

The following PTFs are required if you use iSeries Navigator tasks on the Web:
For more information on i5/OS fixes for Domino, see the Lotus Domino for System i Support page on the Web at: