What's new in Domino 8 for System i?
This section describes aspects that are new specifically for Lotus Domino 8 for System i. For more information on new features not specific to System i, see the Lotus Domino Administration Help and the Lotus Notes, Domino, and Designer 8 Release Notes (readme.nsf). You can find this documentation on the Lotus developerWorks Web site at
The Lotus Notes, Domino and Designer 8 Release Notes are also available on the product CD-ROM.

New licensed program ID

Lotus Domino 8 for System i uses the licensed program ID 5733LD8 for product installation. The IBM Passport Advantage product ID (PID) is 5724E62, which is used for ordering and licensing features. Lotus Domino 8 for System i is only available through the Passport Advantage ordering process. You can find more information on Passport Advantage on the Web at

Use the Display Software Resources (DSPSFWRSC) command to determine which Domino software is installed on your system. For example, with all options of Domino 8.0 installed, the DSPSFWRSC command displays the following output:

5733LD8 *BASE 5050 Lotus Domino 8 (5724E62)

5733LD8 *BASE 2924 Lotus Domino 8 (5724E62)

5733LD8 1 5050 Lotus Domino 8: C API

5733LD8 10 5050 Lotus Domino 8: Release 8.0.0

5733LD8 10 2924 Lotus Domino 8: Release 8.0.0

IBM i5/OS V5R4 required

Domino 8 for System i is only supported on IBM i5/OS V5R4.

Physical media consists of multiple CDs

Physical media for Lotus Domino 8 for System i consists of multiple CDs. If you use physical media, you will need to switch CDs during the installation process. For more information, see Chapter 3 "Installing Domino on your system."

Operating system name change

While the name of the operating system has changed from "OS/400" to "i5/OS," there are still portions of the product that may show or return the values "OS/400" or "OS400." For example, the output from the Domino "show server" command will contain the string "i5/OS" and the output of the show stat command will contain the following:

"Server.Version.OS = OS400 V5R4M0"

In general, interfaces that can potentially return values to customer applications are unchanged and may still return the value "OS/400" or "OS400," while other uses or references to the product are changed to use "i5/OS" or "System i."

Multi-version capability

Domino 8 for System i continues to provide multi-version capability and can be installed on the same system partition as other multi-version capable releases of Domino - 6.0.3 and 6.5.0 and later. For more information, see Chapter 12 "Using Domino for iSeries Multi-version Capabilities ."

Wire protocol drivers installed with Domino

The Lotus Branded DataDirect Connect for ODBC wire protocol drivers are now installed by the Domino installation program to the directory /QIBM/ProdData/Lotus/DOMINOXXX/EITODBC/, where XXX corresponds to the release of Domino (for example, DOMINO800 for Domino 8.0). The user is no longer required to download and install the drivers. The DataDirect drivers are updated to version 5.2 with Domino 8.


With Domino 8 and i5/OS V5R4, IPV6 support is available with some limitations. You can configure a Domino server to communicate using IPV6, but the following functions still require an IPV4 connection:

Configure a Domino server to communicate using IPV6 using the CFGDOMSVR CL command or configuration wizard.

Features not supported in this version of Domino for System i

The following features are not supported in Domino 8 for System i:

Refer to the Release Note System i: Features not available with Domino 8 for more information, including a complete list of features not supported in Domino 8.