What should I know before I install Domino?
This section highlights some of the decisions administrators should make before they install Domino on their system.

Before you install and set up your first Domino server, you must plan server and organizational naming and security. In addition, you must understand your existing network configuration and how Domino will fit into the network. If you are new to the Domino family of products, review the Lotus Domino Administration documentation for more information on planning issues. This documentation is available from Lotus developerWorks at the following Web address:

Note You can also access this information after installation from the following location on your server:
Domino servers and subsystems must be stopped while installing software

If you already have Domino servers configured on the system, make sure you stop these servers and all Domino subsystems before installing the Domino 8 for System i software.

Note If all configured servers are multi-version capable servers, you can install the Domino software while they are still running.

For more information on stopping Domino servers and subsystems, see Chapter 10 "Managing a Domino Server Using iSeries Navigator."

Server data directory should not be in QIBM directory

When setting up a Domino server, do not specify the Domino product directory (/QIBM/ProdData/...) or the Domino user directory (/QIBM/UserData/...) for the location of the server data directory. Putting the server data directory within the product directory could cause problems when operating the server, especially if you run more than one Domino server on your system.

A commonly used location for the server data directory is:

If you have more than one Domino server on your system, you could specify a location such as:
where servername is the name you specify for each server.

Note In Domino 6 and later versions, use of the Domino product directory (/QIBM/ProdData/...), the Domino user directory (/QIBM/UserData/...) or the root directory in the Data Directory parameter (DTADIR) on the Configure Domino Server (CFGDOMSVR) command is checked. If found, a failure of the command with message LNT0102 (Path specified not valid) will occur. This will also cause the GUI server setup wizard to fail if the Domino product directory (/QIBM/ProdData/...), the Domino user directory (/QIBM/UserData/...) or the root directory is specified. The setup wizard also invokes the CFGDOMSVR command.

Network communications error

If network communications are not set up correctly, you will receive the following error message during installation using InstallShield or server setup using the setup wizard:

Make sure you satisfy all the requirements in this message before attempting the installation again. For more information, see Chapter 4 "Planning the Domino for System i Environment ."

QNOTES user profile requirements

In order to function correctly, Domino 8 for System i requires *RWX (read, write, and execute) access to the root integrated file system directory. For example, when creating new Domino servers, a new directory needs to be created off of the root directory for the associated new Domino data directory. By default, i5/OS sets the public access to the root integrated file system directory to *RWX. However, for security reasons, some administrators may decide to restrict public access. For example, public access may be set to *X (execute). In this case, the QNOTES user profile should be given *RWX access to the root integrated file system directory.