Performing the Domino upgrade
Once you have satisfied all upgrade requirements, you are ready to update your Domino servers.

There are several ways you can update your Domino servers. Each way provides a slightly different experience. This section will only document the upgrade steps using iSeries Navigator. For a general idea of the other upgrade path options, see Chapter 3 "Installing Domino On Your System."

To upgrade to Domino 8 using iSeries Navigator, follow these steps:

1. Open the system where you will upgrade your Domino servers.

2. Click Network.

3. Right-click Servers and select Install and Configure Domino.

Follow the directions on each panel of the wizard. For help with a particular setting, click Help.

Tip You can also use the LODRUN command or run the setup.exe program from the root directory of the product CD-ROM. For more details, see Chapter 3 "Installing Domino on your system."