What software should I install?
When you install the Domino server software, you can also install i5/OS integration software and application development software. Decide which of the following product options you want to install.

Note You can install the application development software later if you are not sure you need it.

Lotus Domino 8 (*BASE option) defines the product options that can be installed for a specific product ID. This option must be installed before any product option can be installed.

Product Option contains the programs, data, and template files needed to run a specific release of Domino. You must select this option to install and run a Domino server. This option includes all Domino help databases. For example, 5733LD8 option 10 is the product option for 8.0.0.

C API (option 1) contains the header files and modules for creating Notes C applications that can run on a Domino server on i5/OS.

To determine if a more recent version of the C API is available, check the Domino Developer Tools section of the following Web site:
Language support
With Domino 8 for System i, you can run more than one language on a server or can have Domino servers running with different languages using the Domino Language Pack and multi-lingual database support. If you plan to run more than one language on a Domino server, you must install the language pack in addition to the Domino software. For more information on using multiple languages, see Chapter 20 "Using National Language Versions of Domino."