How do I upgrade the Domino for iSeries Navigator plug-in?
If you previously installed the Lotus Domino plug-in for iSeries Navigator (part of IBM iSeries Access), upgrade the plug-in components on the client workstation. Whenever you install a new release of Domino (including Maintenance Releases), you should always upgrade the Domino plug-in component on the client workstation or you may not be able to use some new Domino plug-in administration features when working with the new Domino server release. Newer Domino plug-in versions are backward compatible with prior versions of Domino.

To upgrade the Domino for iSeries Navigator plug-in, follow these steps:

1. Connect the client to the system where you installed the Domino software.

2. From the client, set up this system as your Administration system.

3. Start the Check Version program. This program may start automatically, depending on the settings on the Service tab of the iSeries Access Properties (see the previous step).
4. When the Check Version program runs, read the messages carefully. Depending on the level of iSeries Access on the client and level on the current managing server, you could receive warnings. 5. Once the updated plug-in is on your client, the plug-in must be applied for each system in your iSeries Navigator tree. To apply the plug-in, open each system in iSeries Navigator. iSeries Navigator detects the change and "scans" the system to automatically apply the change.